Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA)

Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA)
OMA occupies the venerable 1934 former City of Oceanside City Hall designed by pioneering San Diego architect Irving Gill and the Frederick Fisher designed Central Pavillion opened in 2008.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Vibrant Edge: Paintings of Karl Benjamin

If you love color, then you must check out the new exhibition at Oceanside Museum of Art, The Vibrant Edge: Paintings of Karl Benjamin from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Karl Benjamin is one of the founding fathers of Hard Edge Painting, a style involving consistent geometric shapes and perfectly straight edges that awe you with perfection. California was the creative center for this style of art that emerged in the 60s as artists began reacting to the organic forms of abstract expressionism. Karl Benjamin is one of those living ledgends who currently resides within walking distance to Claremont College, where he taught for many years.

Don't miss the kaleidoscope of colors in The Vibrant Edge, on view at Oceanisde Museum of Art until October 19, 2008.

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