Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA)

Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA)
OMA occupies the venerable 1934 former City of Oceanside City Hall designed by pioneering San Diego architect Irving Gill and the Frederick Fisher designed Central Pavillion opened in 2008.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What’s the Eastern Influence in your life?

Acknowledging the location of Oceanside Museum of Art on the literal edge of the Pacific Rim, Facing West / Looking East presents 20 artists who share a common interest in borrowing, recycling and sampling from the cultures of Asia for their content and commentary. Referencing multiple aspects of Asian culture from Buddhism and Yoga to ikebana and identity politics, works in the exhibition explore ideas and experiences that are an integral part of the fabric of life in contemporary California. 
Facing West / Looking East reflects both California’s immigrant history and her embrace of the cultures of Asia. California’s spiritual practices, cuisine, architecture, landscaping, literature, film and music have all been significantly enriched by the diverse cultures of Asia.

Participate in the Facing West/Looking East exhibition by posting your recommendations below for the best that the cultures of Asia have to offer here in our home state of California.


How have you been influenced by the East?  Perhaps it was that Chinese water painting class you took over the summer, the best sushi house in town or a daily reflection with a cup of chai tea. How do you borrow and recycle aspects of Asian culture?
Suggestions to get you started: Haiku, Zen rock gardens, curry, silk fans, Hong Kong cinema, martial arts, bonsai gardens, green tea, anime, Feng Shui, henna, J-pop, mandala meditation… Share with us the Eastern influences in your life!

Nancy Evans, Bruja Tranquila

Contributed By:  Stefa Witt
Curatorial and Marketing Intern
Oceanside Museum of Art


  1. yes! im quite fond of asian cinema and cuisine. and to see its effect on california and in turn, the whole world! kudos to you, OMA.. for spotlighting asian contributions to western society often underrepresented. good job!

  2. I really enjoy eastern cuisine and food, especially pho on a cold winters day. Feng shui is also pretty good.